A little about why I do what I do...

I love the creative process of making jewelry. To sit down at my bench and be surrounded by precious metals and stunning stones and see all of the potential is like food for my soul. At the end of the day, seeing the evolution of raw materials into art is one of the most gratifying of experiences for me. With simple tools like hammers, saws, drills, files and an anvil plus precious metals and gems, the transformation from elements into art is rich with possibilities.

Who I do this for?

I dedicate my work to my brother, David Machette. He was an artist and an encouragement to me until his death. I still wish I could show him each new piece I make. He always called me Dewdrop and each piece I make is either signed or stamped Dewdrop in his honor. I miss him always.

What I do

My jewelry is as much about process as product. I pour my heart into each piece and my hope is that you will appreciate its beauty. Frequently, I will approach my bench with a concept or technique in mind, and the rest feels like magic. Each piece is an expression of creation and transformation, as parts and ideas evolve into a whole.