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Happy Canada Day!

I love Canada and I love the Canadians.  Truth be told, I love Canadian music too.  So all that being said, today is Canada's birthday and so I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Canada.  Down here in the USA we will celebrate our birthday on July 4th.  These days are precious to us as residents of our respective countries.  They signify our freedom, our liberties and our unity.  They also offer a great time to get together with our friends to celebrate and no nation celebrates quite like Canada!

So that being said, GO FORTH AND HAVE A GREAT TIME.  I will be thinking of all the fun I am missing today in Canada.  To my American friends, if you are going to be in Canada and you are looking for some live music, check out CBC 3, who has a great listing of shows and sessions.  Whenever I head north, I always see what bands will be playing in which locations.  Last November, I was able to catch 3 shows in 4 nights while in Ontario!

Thanks for reading my blog!