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Summer Musings

As a speech pathologist in a public school setting, I am always amazed when the school year ends.  When school begins in August, the year looms large and next summer seems so far away.  As December comes and the winter break approaches, a sense of panic begins to form in the pit of your stomach.  Experience has shown me that the year begins to rocket to a close beginning as early as December.  There are MANY more meetings, students to evaluate and pace becomes frenetic.  Come May, I feel so far behind, that I wonder if I will ever get it all done.  But now with the school year over, the summer is looming large and it is time to change my pace and focus on the art of refreshment.

For me, that means capturing time with my son, catching some music, making jewelry, and this year- travel.  The month of July will be spent on a road trip exploring Colorado and Utah with Jon.  This trip will be very loose with no itinerary!  Each day will be an adventure and there will no hurry to make any particular destination.  Traveling with my son is a joy all its own. He is a musician and he will be bring his guitar along with him.  It will give me an opportunity to absorb some of his creative process in a way that I have not had previously.  I plan to study him and his craft on this trip so prepare yourself for some writing on this when the trip is done.

It is hard for me to make jewelry while I'm on the road, but I will try to pack some portable projects so that I can feed my soul in that way as well.  A few years back, I took a solo trip to Colorado and NEVER even opened my jewelry making bag.  The main reason for that was that each evening I was processing the photos I had taken during the day.  I plan to take photos again, but I do want to allow some time for making jewelry as well.  So, perhaps I will try to do a blog about the day's adventures and thoughts from the road.  I will keep you posted.

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