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Why Key Chains 

I have been thanked, ignored, admonished and praised for some of the key chains that I have made over the years. The most recent word came to me from my friend, Christy. She actually said that she looked at my first blog and questioned if it could be called a blog. She suggested that I share the "saga of the key chains". So, here we go. 

Key Chains


My first key chain was made as a memento for a friend, whose father had passed away. He was not the kind of man to wear jewelry, but I wanted to make something personal and practical. I finally decided to make a key chain that represented a memory keeper. Thus was born my first custom key chain.

Since then, I have personalized them for my family and friends and even used them as teaching tools for my son and his friends. However, the focus of my endeavors changed when one of my favorite bands,Elliott BROOD, announced that they were coming to Chicago on tour. I wanted to welcome them to Chicago and pay homage to their craft. Now mind you, when they play I do sing along; however, nobody has ever thanked me for singing. In fact, I would fully expect folks to ask me to stop singing if they were within earshot. So it made sense that I would honor them with my craft. Thus began the tradition of presenting a personalized key chain to my favorite bands when they come to Chicago.

There have been a few bands that have gotten key chains because they have been especially kind to me. One such band, Boxer the Horse, responded to my plea for a copy of their most recent CD, Would You, Please, that was released in Canada, but not in the US. They were generous enough to send me a copy without any expectation for payment. Mind you, these are just a bunch of VERY talented college kids who are trying to make great music and make a few bucks, so every dollar counts. I decided they deserved a key chain. The same is true for The Details, another wonderfully talented band who have yet to make it to Chicago.

So that is the story of my key chains in a nut shell. If you check out my key chains page you can see some of them that have been given to bands over the years, as well as find links to their websites.

Thanks for reading!